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Direct Marketing Services

Reach target audiences with low cost, custom marketing outreach

Technical Communities, through its internal marketing agency, partners with manufacturers, technology companies and resellers to generate leads and increase sales volume to the government, military, federal contractor , healthcare and education channels.

We use our proprietary database, tools and methodologies to create measurable ROI-driven outcomes that nurture and develop prospects into customers. We can help with metrics-based programs for:

  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Lead nurturing and long-term prospect management
  • Demand management
  • Content delivery and placement
  • Qualified appointment scheduling and process management
  • Long-term branding and positioning inside a qualified target set

We handle lead capture, qualification, targeted lead conversion and prospect lifecycle management as well as brand building and lobbying efforts that use new media and traditional ad programs to get value-added outcomes. We use a variety of techniques:

  • Electronic lead generation using email and web advertising
  • Integrated onsite and online product demos
  • Premiums, catalogs, direct mail and print advertising
  • Telemarketing programs
  • Customer site sales events and trade shows
  • Press campaigns and editorial placement

Our only goal is to find qualified prospects that convert into sales. Every prospect is categorized in our proprietary sales pipeline system. We triage and assign leads to our inside sales workflow database. Our team completes all information requests, equipment quotes, sales contacts and closes. The system delivers multiple, inquiry-specific responses and schedules automated communications. You get detailed individual program and overall campaign reports.

Prospect Lifecycle Development
We use technology leverage to manage large quantities of data and convert prospects at a low cost.

Leverage our proprietary database of nearly 1.4m deeply profiled and qualified technical leads

For more details or a project price quote contact our Direct Marketing Services Group at (888) 665-2765

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