Credit Spam Alert

We have recently seen an increase in reported spam emails requesting credit. These emails have been sent from Gmail, AoL, Hotmail, Yahoo etc and has text that looks like it is coming from our company.

Please note that we will never send a credit request in an email and also will never send any official emails using Gmail, AoL, Hotmail or Yahoo’s email servers. We always use our company registered email domain (,,

If you want to report or learn more about this please read the following article from Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

If you want to contact us regarding this:

Credit Request Spam Sample

From: Technical Communities, Inc <>

Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 9:04 PM

Subject: Fwd: Technical Communities-Credit Inquiry Needing…

Dear Sales,

Office of the procurement services Technical Communities, Inc CA,

After our research understand that your company deal with some Industrial and Electrical measurement materials that fit our Company business requirements projects.

We want to set up a Terms and Agreement for a Credit sales with your establishment as we believe this will fit in with our Company requirements for the project.

Additionally, do please let us have your Terms account Credit sales Application requirement Form for further information.

We Looking forward to read back from you and as we welcome a long time business relationship with us.

Yours Sincerely,

TCI Purchasing Manager

Technical Communities, Inc

1111 Bayhill Drive, Suite 400

San Bruno, CA 94066

Phone #: (650) 518-7134

Fax #: 213 277-9247