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Aeroflex Signal Conditioners for Black Hawk Helicopters

A set of Black Hawk helicopters was scheduled to ship overseas via aircraft carrier. The carrier scheduled to transport the helicopters overseas was scheduled to depart Feb 17 (President’s Day weekend) from Bremerton. However, they were missing an important piece of equipment — the Aeroflex Signal Conditioner that allows a fuel test set to interface with the Black Hawk’s fuel system. The helicopters would not be loaded without it.

Technical Communities received the order for the part on the Friday before President’s Day weekend. The order came late in the day (PST), and the factory in New York had closed early due to a blizzard. We coordinated with the Aeroflex field office, Aeroflex HQ in Wichita and the plant manager in New York as he was driving home. He went back to the factory, packed the part and took it to FedEx. The unit arrived next day and the helos made the carrier.

JDSU/Acterna Communications Gear to Baghdad Airport

When U.S. forces initially secured Baghdad International Airport during the liberation of Iraq, they needed to reopen the facility quickly to move troops and materiel into the country. An initial task was repairing the airport’s communications network. The Army turned to us.

Because we keep both East and West Coast hours, we could be incredibly responsive to their questions around delivery and were able to get to the factory much quicker than if they’d gone directly to the manufacturer. The Army received the needed network test kit in Baghdad in less than two weeks.

Fluke Networks Communications Test Equipment to CENTCOM

As coalition troops moved against the insurgents before another Iraqi constitutional vote, a US Army engineer at CENTCOM had a more subtle problem. She needed a particular model of network test equipment to maintain a vital communications link. Impossible to find locally or even through the federal supply system, she fired up a ruggedized computer and found our government agencies and federal contractors supply website.

After doing the research online and finding what she needed, she created an online government quote for the correct Fluke Networks model. We placed the order for her. We helped the instrument to be quickly and securely routed through her home base in New Jersey and shipped overseas.

Rugged Laptops to Support Police in Oman

Facing a requirement for laptops that could withstand high temperature and dusty environmental conditions in the Gulf region, we worked with US Military support to help complete an order and supply custom ruggedized laptops for joint security operations with the Omani police force. We worked with the manufacturer, Logic Instruments to get ruggedized American-built Arabic language keyboards installed into the systems before shipment.

OTDRs into Afghanistan’s telephone system

As a bone-rattling winter settled on Afghanistan, a U.S. Air Force communications specialist needed to troubleshoot a fiber optic telephone & network system to help reclaim the country. After sending some exploratory emails, he clicked on a satellite phone and dialed a number back home in California.

A quick call later, we started working with the original manufacturer to obtain one of the requested units, which had gone off the government’s procurement contract. The engineer in the field faxed a government purchase order and the new JDSU/Acterna network fiber test OTDR equipment was on its way.

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