Improve sales to the government, military and commercial markets

With extensive expertise in government, military, contractor, education and commercial marketplaces, Technical Communities helps technology companies, manufacturers, direct sales forces, re-sellers and distributors improve efficiency and sales across multiple channels.

We manage:

  • 75,000+ SKUs currently on the FSC70, and FSC66 federal schedules
  • 18,000+ annual changes to those SKUs
  • 50 detailed GSA schedule submissions a year
  • Approval of contract submissions in as little as 24 hours
  • 100+ GSA schedules for our technology company partners

See government contracts

We understand your need to efficiently create or maintain a compliant and profitable GSA Schedule to increase your sales to the public sector. Our deep expertise and years of experience in GSA schedules, contract compliance and the federal, state, and local government markets delivers cost-effective specialized services to maximize sales.

Speed, Frequency and Accuracy of GSA Schedule Preparation and Submission

We’ll guide you through the preparation, presentation and negotiation of your own contract proposal. We’ll help you acquire your own GSA Schedule on the most favorable contract terms and conditions.

  • 50 detailed GSA schedule submissions every year
  • 30-40 modifications per year or about 1 modification every 10 days
  • 60 days average approval cycle for modifications
  • 98% of modifications approved on 1st submission
  • Positive “no findings” result in 2008 GSA Audit

Broad and Deep Expertise in GSA Schedules Management and Maintenance

We can provide ongoing maintenance and support services to address the ongoing compliance needs of your new or existing GSA Schedule contract.

  • 100+ GSA catalogs for distinct manufacturers and partners
  • 75,000+ SKUs managed under FSC66 and FSC70 Schedules
  • 18,000+ annual changes to those SKU’s
  • 100% compliance with GSA fees, payments, reporting and audit