TestMart Introduces Sell Online Service

New feature on www.testmart.com enables users to establish value of under utilized equipment and sell that equipment

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – January 13, 2000 –
TestMartTM, the leading information and commerce marketplace for the test and measurement industry, has introduced a Sell Online service to its comprehensive test and measurement equipment site, www.testmart.com. The feature allows users to establish the market value of used equipment for which there is a current, active demand, and be able to offer that item for sale online.

Using Sell Online, TestMart users can search by product category, manufacturer and model for equipment resale values. When demand for an instrument is established – as determined by TestMart’s Equipment Want List – TestMart guarantees the purchase of that item at the specified price.

“With the introduction of the Sell Online feature, TestMart has moved another step closer to our goal of offering complete end-to-end service for our customers,” said TestMart CEO Peter Ostrow. “TestMart is the only online resource for this type of resale service, re-enforcing our commitment to serve our customers and the test and measurement community.”

“Sell Online will prove to be an enormous convenience for test and measurement professionals,” added Don McCook, TestMart vice president. “Until now, engineers, managers and property accountants haven’t had a central, secure resource for liquidating under utilized equipment inventories. With Sell Online, our customers can rest assured that they will be able to sell equipment through an experienced, neutral party who can guarantee optimal value for their assets,” continued McCook. “What’s more, our users save time, money and are able to more easily manage their inventory by transacting with TestMart.”

TestMart customers using Sell Online pay no fee. Sellers receive the full price as quoted by TestMart. TestMart requires that the product be complete and that all standard accessories and documentation accompany the item. Instruments sold to TestMart must be functional and have no material damage however current calibration is not required. TestMart will inspect the item immediately upon receipt.

TestMart is the most comprehensive test equipment reference site and marketplace on the Internet. The site features massive databases of unbiased, proprietary and hard-to-find information and a safe secure Buy Online area where users can locate, compare, and select from an extensive offering of new and refurbished instruments. Databases contain detailed specifications on over 10,000 test and measurement products, contact and historical information on more than 500 manufacturers and a Reference section with extensive information including calibration intervals, life cycles, Y2K and CE status.